Texas news story about designer jeans stolen

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Apparently this is happening a lot! Umm, and Mr. Cop, that black market you talked about? It’s called “eBay”. Duh. Or they sell them overseas to help them manufacture fakes. Let’s hope they bust these guys.

From a Texas news station:

“For the second time this week, thieves have broken into a store to steal expensive designer blue jeans.

Burglars targeted two boutiques when they broke through their front glass windows.

Upwards of 75 pairs of high-end designer jeans from the Abito Boutique and Valentines.

The case is similar to a smash-and-grab that occurred at Ben Bridge jewelry — where thieves used sledgehammers to break through jewelry cases.

Cops don’t yet know if there’s a connection, and they don’t know if the suspects behind a blue-jean break-in at the Blue Elephant Boutique early Monday morning could be connected.

While cops piece together the clues, shoppers are shocked. The designer jeans can cost $300.

“It seems crazy that they’re stealing jeans,” says shopper Wendy Mackey. “That’s such a random thing to steal. But if they’re $300, that’s why they’re breaking in.”

“I guess I would wonder where are these people going to sell them,” said shopper Jeff Bowden. “But I guess when you’re talking about $300 blue jeans; it’s a different world out there.”

Police don’t have a lot of leads. The burglars wore gloves, so no fingerprints were found, and there’s no surveillance video.

Cops say there is a black market for blue jeans.”

Reporter: Rebecca Taylor

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