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Alexander McQueen for Target

I’m allowed to veer slightly off topic every once in a while, right? I am sooooo excited for this Alexander McQueen line to be released at Target. While there will be denim in McQueen’s line for Target, I’m pretty sure it won’t be designer. My Honey should be MEGA scared of what the credit card bill will show for Target in March!

Alexander McQueen, will be drawing from his McQ collection (that means girlie TOUGH) for his limited-run McQ Alexander McQueen for Target line, available March 1 through April 11, with rock n’ roll influence, studs, and tattoo-print fabrics. Go International will still be continuing, because it focuses on emerging designers, and additional designer collaborations are said to be in the pipeline.

From WWD:

“The collection has a muted color palette of black, white, gray and tan with accents of cobalt blue and bright pink. Studs and meshgive items an edge. For example, a chambray sleeveless shirtdress has stud detailing, there’s a mesh wrap dress and an open yarn zipper cardigan. Graphic prints and silk-screen photographs give tunics, dresses and T-shirts visual interest. The Leila silk-screen T-shirt with a necklace collar was designed for The Duke Spirit lead singer, while other band members are immortalized on a sleeveless jersey T-shirt.”

from WWD, FabSugar, Designers for Target