Welcome to PART II of the my ferocious little series on travel: DESTINATION DENIM.

Over the past couple of weeks, the number one most requested shopping city on your very list?

Los Angeles! Yeah baby! Are you shocked? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

So, here we go kidsÔǪlet’s shop.

Oh, but before we begin… One request: I know that each of you are fabulous and stylish (and everyone else’s personal shopper in your own right–oh jeeeez I certainly am!). However, keep in mind that there are literally thousands of you and only one tiny lone Minnyb over here. So, if there is a store that I have inadvertently left out on my list, I apologize in advance and ask that you please simply add it to the comments section at the end, know that I can not shop everywhere (although I try) and that, furthermore, if you send me one round trip tic to LA (passenger name, one, “MinnyB”) I will be more than happy to check-it-OUT! Mwah!

So, back to the list:

1. American Rag Cie

150 S. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 935-3154



So Los Angeles is absolutely filled with places to shop for denim. It is hard to name a number one spot. I am just listing what are, in my opinion, 10 great spots instead of ranking them in top ten order (oh yeah, giant cop out!). Yet, there has to be one that gets slotted at numero uno, and American Rag Cie on La Brea takes the cake. So, why does this “World Denim Bar” rank? Well, “Amrag” as its fans endearingly term it, not only has two huge locations in Southern Cali, but a pretty sweet locale in San Fran too. You can find all of the quality bests here (from Helmut Lang to Earnest Sewn) and you are likely to score a killer pair of DSquared2’s or even some Cheap Monday’s. Cheap Monday you say? Yep, you read me right! You can pick up a $65 pair right along side that aforementioned $300+ pair! And, if it’s vintage or custom that you crave, just shuffle on past their home d├®cor, music and caf├® sections, and you’ll run right into those racks too!

2. Jeany

1302 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 255-0808



Jeany is one of the hottest spots in LA to head when you’re looking for that perfect fit denim. With an in-house tailor and the best up and coming brands always in stock, they definitely have a huge cult following. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, Jeany is not the largest space in terms of square footage, but then again, I’ve always prefered a boutique experience anyhow, what about you? Some people I know have dogged the service at Jeany calling it “slow” at best, but other reviews I’ve read praised the staff as being “patient” and “helpful”. In my own experience, the store ran smoothly and my jeans were hemmed in a timely manner. With a selection of over 200 styles, and a bright airy atmosphereÔǪI think we might let a day or two of bad moodsÔǪslide.

3. Planet Blue

3835 Cross Creek Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 317-9975


Planet Blue might not be everyone’s top pick, and it certainly is not retailing exclusively denim. However, the disclaimer out of the way, I have to say j’adore PB. With 5 stores around the town–and one devoted to only men’s–Planet Blue is an absolute mecca for not only your jeans, but for everything you want to pair them up with too. Current Elliot, Joie, Rich & Skinny, and Genetic Denim all line the racks of their online boutique, and, in the actual stores, you’ll find much MUCH more (including Antik, Chip & Pepper, Frankie B., J Brand and True Religion). Yet, if you are searching for a sale rack, steer clear of this bad boy! You will be paying full price at PB. And, with a scene that absolutely screams “LA!”, don’t expect the staff to be fawning all over you either. The gorgeous model-esque guys and gals that work at PB are used to people dropping plenty of cash at the register with little to no help at all. In fact, if you hang around inside for long enough, you may even see a Vanessa or a Courtney heading out with a bag full of goodies. P.S., if you can’t make it to LA, do check out their website…and next month click on “style me” for some awesome shopping tips and wardrobe fixes! Can’t wait!

4. Ron Herman at Fred Segal

8100 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (866) 654-4577




The Fred Segal story starts out that “for Fred Segal the emphasis was always on service, quality and selectionÔǪ” After many a trip there myself, I can say that I agree with the sentiment. I like the people. I like the stuff. I can actually remember my first trip to the Melrose store as if it were yesterday. I was with my mother and I purchased a pair of Frankie B. jeans and bottle of Child perfume. I was 19 years old. We ate salads and sipped beet juice in the caf├®. I was a student at USC and I truly felt like I belonged inside an Aaron Spelling episode. Come to think…I may even have seen Tori. When you head into Ron Herman on Melrose, and meander through the different departments there, you will just have to admit, especially if you are a tourist (as I will so classify myself on that very day in the beginning of my life in LA), that there is just something about the experience that makes you feel a little bit magicalÔÇöa little bit extravagant. To me, it is everything that shopping in Los Angeles should be: a little bit of jewelry, a little bit of lunch, and a lot of denim! The jean bar at Ron Herman is amazing. Period. I’m actually dying to return to LA strictly to head right there. With ACNE, Ksubi and Loomstate lining the shelves now (brands they never had back in my college days) I’m pretty much worked up just thinking of it! In the meantime, online shopping it is!

5. Kitson LA

115 S. Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
310) 859-2652



You MUST have heard of Kitson LA by this point, right? Although the store is less than 10 years old, it has swiftly grown to be one of the most well known spots for picking up not only your denim in LA, but your candles, tee’s and panties too. I personally have shopped at the original Robertson Blvd. location many a time and am a fan of kitschy books, and gag gifts that lie side by side the Kasil’s and PRPS’s. Robertson Blvd. is one of the best streets in LA, imo, for shopping, chow and sunshine in general actually. Stop into the Newsroom Cafe or Ivy if you want something a little more fancy and then head out for a day of shopping. When you’re done with the Genetics and such in Kitson (which, btw, has quite a few other locations other than RobertsonÔÇöso don’t forget to check the website), head on down the road to these other stores tooÔǪ

Yes, that’s right! More Denim on ROBERTSON BLVD STRAIGHT AHEAD!

6. Lisa Kline

136 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-0907


I purchased my first pair of Juicy Couture jeans here! You can grab some cutie Cosabella sets to match, and a James Perse tee too. Don’t miss out, it really is a great shop with a great sale section too.

7. AG Adriano Goldschmied

107 S Robertson
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 247-3222


I’ve been to a couple of AG storesÔǪthe one in New York and the one in Miami. However, I love the Robertson Blvd. store for the easy breezy Cali feel and the staff is a pleasure to work with, always willing to help you find just your fit. But, if it’s not AG your intoÔǪhead toÔǪ

8. True Religion

130 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 248-2844


Yep, True Religion is only a few stores down and just a skip across the street from AG. Although I personally do not wear True Religion jeans, I’ve been inside, and the pine wood lined walls will make you feel like you are shopping in a ski lodge! And nothing makes me wanna wear denim more than getting’ cozy in a lodge by a fire (ok, that’s a lie, I totally made that upÔǪeverything makes me wanna wear denim!)

9. Paige Premium Denim

116 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048
(310) 360-9888


Can you believe how many denim flagships there are on Robertson? I know. Astonishing! Paige Premium Denim is a gorgeous store! I mean gorgeous. The boutique setting is lined in chocolate brown and creamy white fabrics and there is a catwalk space to check out your look from head to toe. Ladies, you’ll love this one brought to you by former model Paige Adams-Gellar.

10. Denim Revival

8044 W Third St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 852-0171


Last but not leastÔǪDenim Revival. It’s not located on Robertson so you’ll have to jump in the car and take a ride if you’re interested. At Denim Revival you’ll find a great selection of vintage and destroyed jeans, or you can bring your own jeans there and have them changed and altered into pretty much anything you desire. Got bells you want skinny? Exactly. Denim Revival is your store. Guys, this one’s for you with enough concert tees and restored shredded denim to keep you going for the next century. And, the prices aren’t bad either!