History of Designer Jean Brands

History of Denim Brands: J Brand


J Brand was co-founded by denim manufacturer Jeff Rudes and former stylist Susie Crippin. After being in the denim industry since the 70s with his own denim line Paris 2000, Jeff decided to branch out and he partnered with Ron Herman, Adriano Goldschmied and Abercrombie & Fitch. After working with denim for so long he decided it was time to focus his passion on creating his own line, J Brand. Susie used to dress celebrities, as well as do editorial features in magazines such as Vanity Fair, InStyle, and others, and also created international advertising campaigns for Levi’s and Puma. With the combination of Jeff and Susie’s knowledge of denim, they brought J Brand to life.

J Brand is all about having great fits and classic timeless washes that women would feel great wearing. The brand was first released as an exclusive at Ron Herman’s Melrose Jeans Bar in Spring 2005. They had a huge success and were one of the first American-made, premium denim brands to dive into the skinny/straight leg jeans market. While keeping up with the trends, they then introduced the wide leg jean, steering them away from their classic skinny jeans. The new styles have been a huge hit with celebrities and magazines such as Vogue.

In May 2007, J Brand then launched a maternity line – Mama J, with unique design features not seen before in the maternity jeans market. Then in July 2007, they introduced a line for girls – J Girl, in sizes 7 – 14. In 2008 J Brand introduced its mens line – J Brand Denim Co. The line reflects modern basics with a vintage look, J Brand Denim Co. is carried in major stores such as Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s and more. Green Label is also a new line by J Brand, which features only 100% organic cotton grown in certified organic fields with a sustainable textile production, completely free from pesticides. Finally, they have also released this year Blue Label – a line of denim for the more curvy figure, giving more room in the legs and a waist band that hugs the body’s natural shape.

Images courtesy of revolveclothing.com