History of Designer Jean Brands

History of Denim Brands: Siwy Denim


Michelle Siwy, behind Siwy, a designer based out of New York and wanted to add New York style to a mainly California dominated market. She wanted to create a brand that was vintage inspired, fashion-forward, detailed and still sexy fit. And that’s how Siwy developed!

Although they’re designed out of New York, its factories in California that create these unique jeans. Siwy has gained notoriety as having quilted, elaborate pockets, and lines that follows women’s curves, ensuring that great fit.

One special detail is the hem, which curves backwards slightly, to eliminate dragging when worn with flat shoes and maintain the illusion of higher shoes. She focused on the lines of the jeans which are meant to be flattering whether you’re sitting or standing. Each pair is finished with a vintage feed sack label, a throwback to the rural American design roots. Despite its heavy American influences, Siwy is distributed and loved around the world.

You can check out the collection at Siwydenim.com