Denim Events

G-Star Raw Sustainable Program

On September 8th-19th, G-Star Raw showed their RAW Sustainable program at the HRH The Prince of Wales “A Garden Party to Make a Difference” event. It was held at the private gardens of Clarence House, Lancaster House and Marlborough House in London. This program was part of the “Start” initiative which presented a mix of entertainment from fashion, to comedy, food and gardens and music put together by a host of celebrity campaigners.

At the event, G-Star wanted to show new ways of creating luxury denim. G-Star built a custom wooden display hut which had an installation of sustainable clothing, along with a Nettle incubator. They had a demonstration of how to take small steps that can be taken by all of us to build a more sustainable future as well as how they continue to innovate in the areas of cotton-alternative fibers, while keeping their aesthetic. The great news is that the RAW Sustainable program premieres in stores from January 2011. It is great to see a brand being part of making the planet greener.