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Denim Review: Charley 5.0 Skinny Mini Leggings

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got lots of denim! I didn’t get chance to do a review last week due to the holidays but this weeks review is on a pair of leggings I have had for a while, Charley 5.0 skinny mini leggings in light grey.

Even though I have had these for a long time, this is actually the first time I have worn them. I always find Charley 5.0’s leggings to be more of a Summer pair, the reason being, they are really thin and they don’t keep you very warm. The fabric is kind of like paper so they cling a lot to your body and hug every inch of you. The one thing that suprises me so much about Charley 5.0 is the amount of stretch in the leggings, when I first got them, like my others, they look incredibly small and almost like you would have no chance of getting into them, but after a while of tugging and pulling you do manage to get them on.

They have no back pockets, just a seam that runs down the back of the legs so I would definitely wear them with a longer top. They will show all of your assets otherwise because of how thin they are. The wash is a really light grey as you can see, it’s definitely different to the normal grey tones of denim.

I have to say though, like I said before, for the price tag I would expect these leggings to be made in the US. They are all made in China which I find odd when paying a premium price point for denim. I expect a premium denim brand with expensive jeans that comes from the US to have the items made in the US like most of the other brands. If you do love leggings though then Charley 5.0 is a good brand to go to. I find I don’t wear their leggings often though because they are just that bit too clingy for me, it feels funny on my legs when fabric clings that much to me. Buy Charley 5.0 at Singer22.

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Jeans courtesy of Charley 5.0.