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DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With G-Star’s women’s Designer, Rebekka

We recently caught up with the women’s designer for G-Star, Rebekka Bach. She spoke to us about the best sellers, the different fits the brand has to offer, the inspirations behind the designs and more. Please click this post to read the whole interview and see the different images of jeans from G-Star.

DB: What is it that makes G-Star so unique in comparison to other brands?

G-Star always focuses on traditional tailoring, craftsmanship, functionality and innovation. By introducing 3D construction techniques in our designs, we create completely new and truly unique silhouettes. One of our most distinctive 3D denims is the Arc Pant. For Autumn/Winter 2011 this pant is further developed into the Arc X Loose Tapered, which fuses the Arc Pant twisted-seam architecture with a 7/8ths length leg and high-volume upper leg section for a unique, new profile.

All our designs are also inspired by anunexpected combinations philosophy, combining chic & RAW, street wear & couture, denim & silk. This makes our brand stand out in the world of denim.

DB: How do you come up with inspiration for your fits?

Each season we travel to a lot of different destinations around the world to analyze the market and women’s preferences. For our women’s collection, we constantly study women shapes, discuss the perception of women bodies, and look at street tendencies. This of course isn’t only applicable to our denim collection; it’s used across our entire women’s collection.

DB: Why?

Because I believe for women – fit is the most important factor when buying clothes. It needs to do something good for your body. It’s not enough it has a great color or a beautiful fabric.

DB: G-Star is known for having different fits in the denim world, could you tell us about the different fits you offer for women?

In terms of fits, we have built a special fit guide in colors and symbols – with categories: Slim, Straight, Loose, Tapered and Boot, which helps the costumer to navigate easily. These fits are also highlighted on our website (which you can see by clicking here).

DB: What inspires you when creating the washes?

Our inspiration comes from everywhere: from nail polishes and kitchen-ware to auto-lack… It’s most important to look into your own heritage. For G-Star this leads to raw, untreated denim, which always comes back in every collection.

DB: What has been the best selling jean for women?

For women, the Arc Pant sells very well at the moment. Also our skinny fits with different details – like the Midge Skinny and Fender Skinny – are very popular in the stores.

DB: What are the main points you keep in mind when creating a new G-Star jean?

We always try to stay true to the heritage and signature look of G-Star, as well as our head designer Pierre Morisset. Our main focus when designing new denim is to create the perfect fit. To reach this goal, a lot of different things need to come into play. Not only is design is very important, but also choosing the right fabric can play a significant role.

DB: A lot of celebrities have been caught wearing G-Star, do you have a favorite in the brand?

It’s always a compliment to the brand when people like what you design, and wear it. That’s not only the case when I see a celebrity wearing G-Star, but also when I walk on the street and see regular people wearing G-Star.

If I have to mention one celebrity that I think looks good in our clothes, it has to be Liv Tyler. She really looks excellent in G-Star and fits our brand perfectly. That of course is also the reason why we chose her as our campaign model – now already for the 2nd season.

DB: Here are the different fits that G-Star offer for the ladies.





Written by Lorna Burford