Celebrity Pictures in Designer Jeans

Kat Von D in Frankie B.

Kat Von D was spotted out to lunch at Lala Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. The tattoo artist was wearing what seems to be her favorite new pair of jeans, the Frankie B. Motocross Leggings. I think the style of these jeans is really cool and very Kat Von D. They have exposed zips all around the jeans that I find interesting. I think Kat could have paired it with some other boots though. Those remind me of something Britney Spears has worn.

Kat recently got engaged to Jessie James. Truthfully, I think they make a pretty odd couple. They are each others types, as in appearances, but I just wouldn’t put these two together. They seem happy though so that is all that matters. Congrats to the couple! You can click here to purchase these jeans at RevolveClothing for $173.