Celebrity Pictures in Designer Jeans

Paris Hilton in Genetic Denim

Paris Hilton is making quite an appearance lately on DenimBlog. This time she was spotted leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California a couple of days ago wearing another denim brand. Paris opted for a pair of skinny jeans with ankle zips from Genetic Denim which I think she looks great in.

I’ve always thought the concept of Genetic Denim is really good, the way they have the DNA stitching on the right of the back pocket and how the women’s jeans have 2 XX’s and the men’s have an XY on theirs. It’s really well thought out and I love the idea of it. It’s pretty much a brand of jeans for those of us who have denim in our genes. Buy Genetic Denim on their website by clicking here.

Images courtesy of Wenn.com