Celebrity Pictures in Designer Jeans

Channing Tatum in J Brand

Channing Tatum was spotted at the book signing for his new movie The Eagle in London, England with cast-mate Jamie Bell. Channing wore a pair of the J Brand Walker Jeans in Raw. I was wondering when Channing was going to get spotted in a pair of J Brands. he seems to love his designer denim and I think the Walker fit was a great choice. I do think Channing has great style. Everything that he wears usually fits him very well. Though, he does sag his pants really low, he knows when to clean up, like here.

His movie The Eagle seems like a random choice to see both him and Jamie in for me. They both have a look that is more into the modern action films instead of the ones that take place in the past, well ancient times that is. You can click here to purchase J Brand’s men’s line at Singer22.