Celebrity Pictures in Designer Jeans

Kate Middleton in Diesel

Royal princess to be, Kate Middleton, was seen out and about in London twice a while ago wearing jeans. A lot of people are thinking it’s weird for her to wear jeans but she is just a regular girl and I think it proves just how popular denim really is. Kate was wearing a pair of Diesel Ronhoir 88OZ jeans. Both times she tucked in a blouse and paired them with sandals.

So are you all excited for the Royal wedding? Everyone over here in England is going crazy with it, there are street parties, pizza’s with their faces on and more. The wedding preparations are already taking place and it’s over a week away until the big day. I’m really happy for them to have found love, especially William, it must be hard being a prince and finding someone trustworthy to be with. Buy Diesel jeans on their website here.