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New Denim Brand: Obscene Jeans

Obscene Jeans is a new brand on the denim market and I really like the wash on the pair above! I have included some of the press release about the brand below. You can also find out more about the brand on their website here.

Created by business powerhouse Robert Federowicz and award-winning designer Rachel Stark-Cappelli, Obscene Jeans offers a very unique point of view in the fashion marketplace: sleek, stylish eye-popping jeans with an irresistible appeal for the world’s sexiest men and women. Obscene Jeans is transforming the world of denim, enabling men and women to exhibit their inner beauty and desires.

“We were inspired by the sophistication of Paris and the glamour of Hollywood,” founder Federowicz explained. “We wanted to create a product that was stylish, sexy and original.”

With over 15 years of experience in the Italian high fashion market, Stark-Cappelli knew the importance of combining the current trends with unique designs that keep the company at the forefront of style. Her contribution was a bit of an accidental discovery – one that would make a big impact on the denim industry.

“Recently, I discovered this fantastic medieval stainless steel mesh that I knew would be a perfect inclusion in my work,” she says. “I have been using this material almost exclusively ever since.”

The combination of high-fashion denim and shiny metallic mesh accentuates the figure as no other pair of jean has before. The “mesh jean,” as it has now become known, is a modern take on the slash and slit elements that have remained popular on the nation’s most influential runways. Much like their international inspiration, Obscene Jeans is committed to wrapping a woman’s curves in exquisite fabric that demands to be touched.

Stark-Cappelli’s attention to detail and superior construction is apparent in pieces like the Super Skinny Power Stretch Pant and Mesh Jean, which fit and showcase the wearer’s body at its absolute best. She says the company’s goal has always been to create beautiful pieces that radiate an international appeal.

“I was exposed to some of the world’s most influential designers after spending 15 years living and working in Florence, Italy,” Stark-Cappelli explains. “It was in Italy where I realized that with beautiful elements I could create an extraordinary product.”

Obscene Jeans maintains its international appeal by dedicating to create a product that culls elements that are “the best from all worlds.” Not by coincidence, this is also the motto that has driven the roots of this young company deep into the industry. Sourcing materials across continents including Asia, Europe and North America, Stark-Cappelli ensures customers that quality is never sacrificed in a piece from Obscene Jeans.

For 2011, Obscene Jeans will make its North American debut with three new lines: Obscene Core, Obscene Rock & Roll and Obscene Black. The new lines will incorporate washes, stylized stitching; mesh steel metal and a new type of stud application. With all pieces retailing between $100 and $250, Obscene Jeans enters an overpriced market with a quality product at an approachable price point.