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Denim Review: Nobody Mod Straight jeans in Navy

This weeks review is on a pair of Nobody Mod Straight jeans in Navy. I was really excited about trying Nobody Denim, purely because I have heard a lot of good things about the brand. Things like the soft denim and wonderful fit are two things that come to mind when people have mentioned Nobody to me before. I did originally want to try a pair of their skinnies, I love the medium distressed pairs but they didn’t have any left so I got to try these straight leg jeans. I don’t often review straight leg jeans on DenimBlog, I think I have reviewed only one pair, so it makes a nice change really.

I have to say, everyone was right when they said the denim was super soft. It is! It’s really buttery and smooth against the skin and it has a texture like thick silk to it, it’s really comfortable and stretchy to wear and that’s definitely one thing that’s important to me when being attracted to jeans. I love the fabric to be soft and wearable, there really is nothing worse than wearing a pair of scratchy and uncomfortable jeans in my opinion. The fabric combined with the straight leg cut definitely makes the jeans wonderful. They are a lower rise fit with a slim straight leg. I’m saying slim because they only just about fit over my heels while other straight legs I have fit over my heels quite loosely. These are a slim fit all over though so I think that’s the reason.

Another thing I like is the unique pocket embroidery, they just use a line and a dot on the right back pocket and nothing else. I think this keeps them really simple but you can still tell what brand they are. I wasn’t sure how the pocket placement was going to be with Nobody jeans but I was pleasantly suprised, they are very symmetrical and they sit in the right place on your butt. I did find the pockets to be quite big though, well not as big as Current/Elliott but a little bigger than most premium denim pockets. This isn’t something that bothers me as I don’t mind bigger pockets at all but I know it can be something that does bother a few people as it can elongate your butt a little or make it look flatter if your butt isn’t on the rounded side.

The wash is exactly as it’s called, it’s navy, a fabric/matte type of navy colour as it doesn’t have a sheen to it or anything. It’s a wash that’s a classic and can be worn anywhere really. I can definitely see why celebs like Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum are repeat wearers of Nobody Denim, they are wonderfully soft and comfortable while being flattering at the same time. I can definitely say I would love to try more! Especially the skinnies, I think I may have to do some Nobody Denim shopping when it’s sale time! Buy Nobody jeans at

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