Press Days

Press Day Preview: Juicy Couture & Superdry Autumn/Winter 2012

Here are some photos from the new Juicy Couture Autumn/Winter 2012 denim collection and from the new Superdry Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, which I saw at the press events in London last month.

For Juicy Couture (first 6 gallery images), they had some coloured jeans in a coral-red colour with hip zippers which were pretty, some sand coloured skinnies and some dark grey pairs. I have also included a photo of some of the styling on the mannequins and some accessories. I have never tried Juicy Couture jeans before, but they did have some cute pairs, so I thought it would be worth taking photos of them to share with you all.

For Superdry (last 6 gallery images), they had their classic denim pieces for both the men and women. The women’s featured some skinny jeans and colour, along with their original blues and a chambray shirt. For the men, they had a lot more jeans in darker and mid blues. Nothing really stood out for me though, except a pair of coloured jeans for the women, but those didn’t come out in the photos. Again, the lighting was not good in the room due to the spotlights, but I used the best photos that I got.

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