Press Days

Press Day: Topshop & Miss Selfridge Autumn/Winter 2012

Here are a few images from the Topshop and Miss Selfridge Autumn/Winter 2012 press day in London last month. As it was the Arcadia press day, which represents all of the brands within the Arcadia group, there were only a few pieces shown from each brand. There were quite a few denim pieces from Topshop, which you can see in the first 3 images. They had some denim jackets, a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Miss Selfridge didn’t have much denim at all, they had one pair of studded jeans which you can see. I loved the rest of the clothes though, they had some amazing party pieces and embellished items! You can see all of the images in the gallery below. We were not allowed to post more than 5 images per brand though, so that’s why you can only get a sneak preview of the new styles to come!

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