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Denim Review: Siwy Camilla Denim Shorts in Mixed Signals

I’m excited to be able to review something for the warmer weather! Some denim shorts! I got sent these by the wonderful Siwy for reviewing and luckily enough they arrived when we were having a heat wave over here so I got to wear them a few times! Unfortunately now we are back to rain and colder weather so they have been put back away, much to my disappointment.

These are the Siwy Denim Camilla denim shorts in Mixed Signals and I am sort of obsessed with them because the dip dye/ombre trend is something that I adore! I’m so glad the trend is in full swing because I have always been a fan of it, it’s such a fun take on regular denim and I love seeing more than one colour together, so it just works. The light blue shade of these is really bright, almost neon, but it’s not, it’s just a really intense shade of aqua which transitions upwards into a darker more medium blue denim. It graduates quite subtly when you look closely, but from further away you can see they are 2 colours and you don’t see the transitioning as well.

The Camilla fit, if you haven’t tried it, is my favourite short from Siwy, ever. They are so comfortable and soft and they are just so easy to wear. You can just chuck them on and go out the door and feel perfectly good in them. I always find that about Siwy jeans, they have such an ease to them, it makes styling an outfit quite simple. I took a 27 in these, which is my usual size, but I could definitely size down to a 26. I generally don’t like my shorts really tight though because when it’s hot enough to wear them, I don’t like to feel too restricted. It’s not comfortable otherwise.

It does seem like each time I get a pair of Siwy shorts, I love them more than the last pair. I started out with the Lilt wash which I loved, then Love Song which I adored even more and now the Mixed Signal wash which is now my favourite. One thing I have always found a bit strange with the Camilla short though is that one leg opening is very frayed and the other isn’t so much. I know it’s intentionally like that as it’s on every pair I have. For my personal preference though I would prefer them to be heavily distressed equally. I may need to take that matter into my own hands for the other leg opening and make it more frayed myself.

Even though these shorts are ombre, I think they are incredibly easy to wear. You could pretty much pair these with any colour and get away with it and they will work with so many different pieces of clothing! I chose neon pink as I think it sets the colours apart quite nicely! I think it’s quite bad actually how obsessed I have become with these, I keep staring at the photo below to see how pretty the wash is, ha ha! What do you think of them? You can buy these shorts online at for $162. I would also say that my photos are more realistic for the wash, the Revolve photos are quite washed out and pale, just for reference.

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