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Denim Review: Hudson Krista Super Skinny in Metallic Space

This weeks review is on a pair of the Hudson Krista skinny jeans in Metallic Space which I got sent to review from the brand. I was really excited to try these out as I love the metallic trend and hadn’t yet found a pair that I loved. Unfortunately I still haven’t found the perfect pair and I will explain why in this review.

This was my first time trying the Krista cut and I can say that I am not really a fan of it, compared to their fits like Nico and Colin, the Krista just isn’t the one for me. It’s cut quite small in the waist and then looser in the legs (which is opposite to my shape), it’s also cut different at the calves, it’s cut like the shape of a leg, so it looks like there is room for your legs down there. This doesn’t work so well for me because as you probably know I have really small calves and this just makes them baggy and wrinkly in that area, which I’m not fond of. They are also quite loose and wrinkly in the lap area, which I don’t like either.

Overall the cut is not one that’s suited to me at all, but it probably is to other people with regular sized calves, at least. I’m actually gutted about this because this wash is so pretty! It’s not too much of a bright silver, it has muted undertones to it so it’s actually wearable and doesn’t look like a pair of galactic pants. It’s definitely a really nice silver. I would love these so much more if they were in the Nico fit, I really would! It’s such a shame they don’t come in it. Maybe if I had sized down they might fit me better, but I don’t think I could have with the small waist, I’m sure you can already see they give me a bit of a muffin top.

I’m just not suited to this Krista cut at all and I’m upset by that really, but then every cut in the world is not suited to everyone, we all have different shapes and what works for me might not work for others and vice verse. These also make my butt look flat for some reason, I’m not sure why, but you can see in the close up image that it looks very flattened. Again, I am just going to put it down to this cut not working out for me and not suiting my body shape. Maybe Hudson might release these in the Nico, I can hope they will, and then all will be solved! So what’s your opinion on the Krista? Have you tried it and do you like it? I’d love to know your thoughts too!

Just as a reference as well, I took my usual Hudson size of 27. I also think that the wrinkle effect is not helped with the metallic coating, it’s quite a strange feeling fabric, so it doesn’t sit that well on the legs. But it probably would fit much better if they fitted well. I really like how they look on the model on the Hudson website, they look really good there! It’s upsetting to me to not be able to really love these as I initially thought I would, the silver colour is just gorgeous! Buy these jeans online at here.