Celebrity Pictures in Designer Jeans

Kylie Minogue in a MET BEL Denim Jumpsuit

My first thoughts when I saw these photos of Kylie Minogue were ‘WOW! How amazing does she look in this!’ and I still think that every time I see the pictures. I love seeing loads of denim in one look and I think this MET BEL Denim Jumpsuit looks incredible on her.

Kylie wore it with a pair of Christian Louboutin Nude Pigalle heels while filming ‘Extra’ at The Grove in Los Angeles, California a couple of days ago to promote her new album The Abbey Road Sessions. I think if there was one celeb who could rock this denim jumpsuit in a feminine way, it’s definitely Kylie! She has the petite and curvy frame to pull it off perfectly. What do you think?

Images courtesy of Josiah True/WENN.com.