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Denim Review: Joe’s The Skinny Jeans in Hot Pink X-Ray

My review this week is on a pair of Joe’s Jeans The Skinny jeans in Hot Pink X-Ray. This is my second time trying a pair of Joe’s Jeans. My first pair was one of their skinnies in the 55 colours range (Geranium), so these are my first printed pair from the brand.

The Skinny is probably Joe’s most popular jeans cut actually. It’s the style that comes in almost every wash and it’s also the one favoured by many celebs. It’s really nice in terms of fit too. The rise is a nice middle height, the inseam is long enough to work for the taller ladies, but the jeans are also super skinny enough to bunch nicely for the shorter legged ladies like myself.

The back pockets are a nice shape as you can see below and they are an in-between size, so combining these points with the central and just right positioning, they are definitely very flattering on the butt which is great. The bottom of the pockets hit just at the bottom of my butt, which is where they should be to create the illusion of a nicely rounded tush too. Also, the little tab on the back right pocket is really cute, it looks different to the usual Joe’s signature I see.

I actually took a size 26 in these as the last pair I had in the Geranium wash (in size 27) stretched out and were a bit loose, so I find in The Skinny fit from Joe’s, I am a size down than what I normally am in most other brands. The fabric content is a mixture of 43% lycra, 26% cotton, 17% rayon, 13% polyester an 1% elastane, so it’s really really stretchy and the rayon eliminates the scratchiness of the polyester so they are comfortable and soft to wear. You can pull at these when they aren’t on and see the expand in front of you though, that’s how super stretchy they are.

Now for the Hot Pink X-Ray wash, this is what attracted me to the jeans in the first place. I really liked the vibrancy and intensity of the pink, combined with the brown and light pink patches/shapes all over the jeans. It’s a really unique print which is different all over, both of the legs are not symmetrical as you can see. The only issue that I have with this print is that it makes my upper thighs and hips look a lot larger than they are. It’s not like it from the back as you can see in the photos, but for me the hip area and upper thigh region from the front look a lot bigger than they are and I know this is down to the print creating that illusion on the eyes. It’s not a serious problem, but I would say that if your thighs or hips are a bit of a problem area for you, I would avoid this print as it might enhance them. Other than that though, the X-Ray wash is really pretty and definitely striking.

Overall, I do really love the fit of The Skinny from Joe’s, it’s actually my favourite cut from the brand due to its comfort, super stretch and very flattering fit, but even though the X-Ray wash is very pretty and much more versatile than I ever thought it could be, it’s not my favourite due to the fact that it enhances the size of your hips like I mentioned above. Have any of you tried these jeans? What do you think of them? Buy these jeans online at Joe’s Jeans for $179.

Waist aligned – 14″
Rise – 8.5″
Inseam -32″
Mid thigh – 7.5″
Hips – 15.5″

P.S – I did notice the zipper half fell down during these photos, so I apologise for that as you can see it in the front close up shot.

Jeans courtesy of Joe’s Jeans.