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DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With A.N.D Denim

A.N.D (standing for A New Denim Brand) recently launched in September with 5 different denim fits, one jacket and one pair of shorts and the brand is based around an exclusive revolutionary fabric process. The founder of A.N.D, Sean Barron, who owned successful brands previously, has developed a trademarked technique that takes untreated denim and transforms it into a soft and worn-in fabric without using water during the process, thus maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the indigo dyed denim, so we caught up with Sean to find out more about this unique way of making jeans!

As no water is used during the making of the jeans, A.N.D. provides “wears” rather than the traditional “washes”. The line provides three different “wears” – 50 wears, 150 wears and 250 wears. Sean mentioned, “A few years ago I started working with the most prestigious denim mills to develop a process that would take the pure raw indigo denim and break it down. Once the fabric has gone through the process we are able to truly create jeans that look and feel as if they have been worn without being washed.“

DB: Hi Sean, could you tell us a bit about your new denim brand A.N.D?

Sean: Being in the fashion industries for many years, the one area that I have always loved, but never really went full force into is DENIM. At Katayone Adeli and Joie (two companies the I founded) we always had a few styles in denim but never a denim collection. So a few years ago, I started developing a process to make raw denim soft and worn. Finally I was able to launch A.N.D. using this technique.

DB: Why did you decide to name it ‘A New Denim Brand’?

Sean: I love the word AND – if you think about it , it’s in almost every sentenceÔǪ When I was explaining to my friends what type of company A.N.D. was going to be I said “a new denim brand ÔǪ” I realized that A.N.D. was “A New Denim” brand.

DB: What makes your brand different from the many others on the market?

Sean: First of all we development a process taking raw denim and make it soft and worn without using any water. The reason this was important to me was I love the color and authenticity of raw denim especially after it’s worn (not washed) many times. Instead of washed we offer “wearsÔǪ50 wears , 150 wears and 250 wears” The other main difference is we do not do trend driven jeans, no printed, embroidery or colored jeans in the collection. We make real jeans in authentic heritage denim.

DB: What is your SS13 collection about?

Sean: Introducing the core six shapes and the wears to the market and laying the foundation for A.N.D.

DB: Do you have a favourite style you have designed?

Sean: I do – the JACKSON. It’s a “slouchy ciggy with an inside slit “

DB: What makes denim so important to you?

Sean: Unlike most other fabrics, with denim you can create many shades and casts from one fabric. Plus being born and raised in Los Angeles, denim and jeans manufacturing has always been around me.

DB: Do you have a background in denim that you would like to share?

Sean: Other than few styles I made at my last companies this is my first full denim brand.

DB: Thanks Sean!

Written by Lorna Burford