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Denim Review: Rag & Bone Zip Leggings in Shoreditch

My review this week will be on the Rag & Bone Zip Leggings in Shoreditch. I have been looking for a pair of inseam zip jeans for who knows how long. So when I heard these were a style that they were coming out with, I instantly got excited.

The fit is their classic Legging fit which has the same rise as all their jeans, but with a slimmer leg than their skinny. The inseam is 30″ which is perfect for me. There is still some bunching at the ankles even when the hem is partially unzipped. What is great about the ankle zipper placement is that they look discrete. They are hidden under a flap, so when unzipped they look like it is just a clean slit at the bottom.

There are a couple of negatives that I found with these jeans, but they are not really a big deal. They are just personal preferences. One is that they don’t have front pockets (this is a given in the name), but they still give the illusion of front pockets because they have the all the details like a coin pocket. I am just a front pocket freak because I find they fall on the hips better.

Though I do like the way the lightweight fabric feels, I do wish they were made with their denim. The material is very thin, but it does keep you warm ironically. When first putting them on they sort of have a parchment feel that I think is mostly due to the coating. What counterbalances this issue is that the stretch makes them so comfortable that you quickly forget about the stiffness before you put them on.

The wash of the jeans is a charcoal grey with a coating on it. It shines under some lights, but mostly looks like a dark grey wash, which I like. So if you are looking for a mild coated jean, these are it.

Overall, the positives really do overpower the negatives of these jeans. I am also a sucker for ankle-zip jeans so that had me recommending them off the bat. If I could change a couple of things about these jeans, it would be to add front pockets and make them in their regular denim. I still wear them to this day, so I really don’t have any major complaints about those details.

These jeans were exclusives to Intermix, but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment. The wash alone is something that will turn heads and they have a pair without the ankle-zippers on the Rag & Bone website, which you can get by clicking here for $165.

Jeans Courtesy of Rag & Bone