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Denim Review: DL1961 Emma in Bloom

This weeks review of mine is on the brand new DL1961 Emma skinny jeans in Bloom, which are part of their new DLpro fabric range. I was very intrigued to do this review as I have numerous others pairs of DL1961 jeans and I was interested to know how this new DLpro fabric would be in comparison to their other denim.

When I first took these out of the package, the first thing I noticed about them was how much of a sheen they had. They are incredibly shiny, possibly the most shiniest regular denim jeans I have (excluding waxed/coated/metallic) and I was quite suprised at that. I wasn’t expecting these to look that way at all, I thought they would be quite a matte fabric. The sheen is actually quite pretty and really enhances the wash. One thing I love about dark wash jeans is the shine they give off sometimes, I think that makes them look more rich, intense and deep. I find the dark blue matte washes to be quite 1 dimensional and dull. This fabric is almost like it has little gold metallic threads running through it, as the sheen is slightly golden.

The Emma is their most popular skinny ankle jean and it’s quite a good fit. The back pockets are subtle as they are completely plain with only the tiny DL1961 logo stitched on the one side, they are also quite big, but positioned really well to be flattering on the butt. I can’t say I can compare how the back pockets look to another brand though as they are quite unique, they are larger than most, but not longer like others tend to be. I find them to look quite nice on my butt though.

The rise is of a mid height so you don’t get any builders/plumbers butt showing at the back, the legs are quite slim all the way down, although they are not the slimmest jeans I have as you can see the bunch a little at the ankles and the inseam is around 29 inches, which is average for an ankle jean. This would work really well on the ladies with longer legs as it would actually hit at the ankles, rather than look like a full length jean like they do on myself. They are also incredibly stretchy! In comparison to the older DL1961 jeans with the X Fit lycra, these seem to be more of a power stretch fabric, which is sturdier, but much more stretchy at the same time. It’s definitely incredibly soft on the skin, it feels a lot like silk and is really nice to wear.

I wore these for the entire day to test them out and they were super comfortable. Due to their sheen and softness though I did have to keep pulling them up a lot as they slip down frequently. I had this issue with the Goldsign jeans I reviewed a while back as well, it’s down to the fabric being so smooth, there isn’t much friction to stop it slipping down your skin. I’m pretty sure I could have taken a 26 in these because when I first put them on, they were slightly loose in the waist, knees and calf area, so I feel like a 26 would have fitted me better. I am usually a perfect size 27 in DL1961 jeans, except for their really old jeans from 3+ years ago where I was a 28. But these ones seem to run a little larger than the regular DL1961 jeans, so if you are between sizes I would say take your smaller size.

The Bloom wash is really pretty and was actually what attracted me to these jeans in the first place, putting the sheen aside for a moment, the blue is a nice rich and deep dark blue with faded areas in the correct places like the mid thighs and knees and then there are subtle whiskers around the lap area. I would definitely recommend picking a wash like this Bloom wash if you are trying DL1961 as they are a jean which is very flattering, super comfortable and soft, so you will be wearing them quite often, even for errands, so I think it’s important to pick a versatile wash like this that will go with pretty much anything you decide to wear.

Overall, I think this new DLpro fabric is really nice, it’s just like silk on the skin, super stretchy for comfort so you feel like you are wearing leggings and then combine that with the slim fit of the Emma cut and how flattering it can be on the regular to longer legged ladies, it makes for a great jean. Despite them slipping down a lot, I still plan on wearing these quite often for comfort reasons. I may wear them with boots next time though so the ankle isn’t too bunched up and loose on my shorter legs. Buy these jeans online at DL1961 for $168.

Waist aligned – 15″
Rise – 8.25″
Hips – 17.5″
Mid thigh – 7.5″
Inseam – 29.25″
Leg opening – 5″

Jeans courtesy of DL1961 – Opinions given are all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford