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Denim Review: Joe’s Jeans Skinny Leather Pants in Black

My review this week will be on the Joe’s Jeans Skinny Leather Pants in Black. I got these as a gift from Joe’s and was pleasantly surprised how they are. They are closest to the perfect skinny leather pants with a classic jean style that I have come around. Click inside to see my review and photos of my pair.

These jeans come in a standard skinny fit. They have a 28″ inseam with a medium-to-high rise (around 9″) and a 10″ leg opening. I haven’t tried any of the other women’s skinny jeans from Joe’s, but if I had to compare these closest to another pair I would say they are like the J Brand 910s with a higher rise.

The legs are skinny all the way down to the ankle and I have no problems slipping them on and off, both before and after the zipper was added (I’ll get into that later). I got these in my usual size 27 and when I held them up I was a bit hesitant about the fit because they looked very small. But they really do stretch to fit. Even though looking small, they ironically have a slouch to them. I would say these run almost a size larger than other 27s. I could have gone a size or two down to solve this issue, but I wasn’t really looking for something super skintight.

The material is stretchy and lightweight, so it doesn’t restrict you on movement and is very breathable from the thinness. Probably one of my more breathable pairs. The texture is very smooth but being thin leather and with a ton of stretch, I have to admit, it has a somewhat latex feel. I don’t find this feeling off-putting, but actually adds to the comfort. I think it is a feeling that many people would not have a problem with.

Depending on the lighting, the shell has a matte-to-classic leather sheen that makes them easy to style around and wear casually everyday. That is a detail that I like most about them. They also have a washed/wrinkled look that quickly dissipates when you put them on. Unless you are looking to wear these extra slouchy, there will be no sign of any wrinkles when you have them on. The lining is super soft and is as if you are wearing sweatpants more than leather pants when you have them on.

The ankle zipper was a detail that I decided to add. It really didn’t hinder the fit whatsoever when it is zipped all the way down. The reason for me adding this was just plain and simple as I just wanted a pair of leather pants with zippers at the inseam. It is a detail that is really hard to find in both jeans and pants. So I did some extensive research for a leather specialists that would be able to do this for me. He did a job that was further than my expectations.

Overall, I would say these are a great pair of skinny leather pants if you are looking for something more simple and classic. I suggest going down a size or two if you are looking for a skintight fit all over. With the lining and give that they have, it wouldn’t be uncomfortable. The price is also a great one that you can’t beat compared to other leather pants. You can click here to purchase a pair on sale from the Joe’s website.

Jeans Courtesy of Joe’s Jeans