Denim Brands

Peoples Pride Premium Denim

Jennifer did a post on Peoples Pride back in 2009, introducing you to the brand (which you can see here), but in this post you can see some of their new styles and an up close look at the detailing on their denim, as well as the fabric and general feel of the brand.

Peoples Pride is a premium denim lifestyle brand, conceived on the basic principles of artistic expression to encourage and support creative freedom, intellectual thought, and spiritual enlightenment.

From its conception, Peoples Pride has infringed upon the confines of the norm, pushing the boundaries of creativity with its innovative and cutting edge styles. The development of pioneering and authentic concepts like our patented condom pocket, unique hardware, and inspirational literature gives the Brand its strong identity.

You can see a lot of images in the gallery below of the selvedge, the hardware, the fabric, the stitching and even some modelled shots as well. Have any of you tried Peoples Pride?

Written by Lorna Burford