Coachella Denim Street Style

This year (and the past few years) I have been an avid Coachella weekend 1er, dedicating my time to basking in the Palm Springs sun while hitting up all the fun parties and events that Coachella has to offer. I absolutely LOVE the festival and if you’ve never made it, I highly recommend it, but lately the mandatory 3 day ticket deal is not so much my cup of tea.

This year I was stoked to cover street style for DenimBlog as I couldn’t wait to see what denim everyone chose to wear for the weekend. I feel like denim is a STAPLE for Coachella weekend… it’s easy, it goes with everything, it’s comfortable, can take a beating, and can get dirty without beingÔǪwell, dirty.

I was somewhat surprised to not see more variations of denim, but I totally get it, it’s hot, you want to be in your bathing suit and throwing on a pair of jean shorts is so fitting. I saw a lot of Chambray happening which makes all the sense in the world because it is the lightest form of denim for that hot Palm Springs sun. A lot of guys chose the Chambray route where as a lot of girls chose the ripped jean shorts route.

2 outfits that really stuck out in my mind were a pair of striped denim overalls and a pair of vintage 70s high waisted shorts that were to die for. A surprising denim trend I saw? BLACK JEANS. I have no idea how people did this (mostly dudes) because it was definitely reaching 95 degrees during the day, but I respect their hustle. They were making a statement that the heat does not affect their fashion choices and black jeans are always look great in my opinion.

No doubt Coachella is filled with great style and has developed into a fashion hub just as much as it is a music euphoria. Each person brings their A game to the table showing how to look great while not overheating. Of course just like any other occasion, there is your “worst dressed” list but the good definitely out ways the bad (at the parties at least). Denim style is ever-changing and always evolving and it’s interesting to see how people prefer to wear their denimÔǪespecially in harsh weather conditions. Well Coachella, you brought your best denim to the desert and us denim lovers over here at DB appreciate it. Until next year!