denim trends

Denim Trends

Denim has come a long way from its debut, from different washes and fits, to now, actual trends that progress with each season, just as a legitimate clothing line does. Denim has always been a casual favorite, but in recent years has really found its place in the fashion industry as a trendy, statement piece that is not just for a casual, day time activity. We love watching denim evolve and conform to the trends that emerge each season and love to highlight and discuss them as well. Here are some of our favorite Denim Trends of 2013, what are your favorites?

Bleach Print: What we love about bleach print is how versatile it is. You can have any type of print from polka dots to paisley bleached out of your denim and BONUS: A lot of them you can DIY too. Bleached denim is a subtle version of colorful, printed denim for all those that aren’t sure if they’re ready to take their denim game to that level, but want to sport the printed denim trend. On top of bleaching prints, you can also tie dye your denim with bleach for a edgier print. Another rad thing about bleach print? You can do it to any piece of denim: chambray button ups, skirts, cut offs and more. If you’re interested in the DIY version check out Swell Made’s blog here.

Denim Dress: Denim dresses have had their time in many era’s, but this current denim dress has a few different ways of showing itself. Inspired by a lot of 90s denim dresses with a modern twist, your 2013 denim dress ranges from a baggy jumper to a tight body con dress and even some short sleeve, baggy, belted ones. The fun thing about the denim dress is there is a different type for every type of style whether you’re a Hampton’s girl, LA street girl or night out on the town girl.

Overalls: Everyone gave a big eye roll when they heard overalls were back on the scene, but now that they’ve made their presence, everyone can’t get enough. I love how previous styles come back and adapt to the present time and overalls are the perfect example. HUGE in the 90s, overalls were big and baggy just as everything else was back then, but bring a pair of overalls into 2013 and they have a nice loose fit with a slim taper at the bottom. Overalls are also back in the form of shorts, skirts and jumpers. All of them are fun to play with and style just the way you would either back then or now.

Cut Offs: Cut offs are here to stay. Being a HUGE hit last Summer, cut offs are just as big this season and have now become a closet staple. High waisted, low waisted, long, short, cut offs are stylish in any form. They are a casual, grungey type piece that add a little style to your outfit and keep the rule of “anything goes” just as any other pair of jean shorts. Crop tops and high waisted cut offs are a match made in heaven, but that doesn’t mean that a vintage tank or white tee isn’t just as harmoneous. Whatever your style or size, cut offs fit right in with everything else in your closet and are the perfect Summer piece.

Contour Seams: It seems as though contour seams came about as a way to build on stylizing a pair of denim pants. You have different washes, cuts, pockets but what ELSE can we do? Contour seams came on the scene a few seasons ago and have been evolving ever since, making your pair of jeans more and more of a statement piece. Contour seams add a great shape to any body type and can be placed anywhere on the jeans and still look good. If you want to step up your denim style, invest in a pair of contour jeans and join one of the hottest denim trends of 2013.

Two tone: All I have to say about two tone jeans is why not? Why not play around with fabrics that compliment each other and different textures to give your pair of jeans some depth? There’s nothing more sleek than a pair of two tone skinny jeans like these Rag and Bone’s above, playing with leather and cotton. Two tone jeans allow you to wear what would normally be a “plane Jane” outfit, but look like you’re dressed up and ready for a night out. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a stylized blouse because that is just as complimentary to the jeans as a white tee. The perfect two tone denim outfit? White tee, heels and a leather jacket. Perfection.

Vests: You can’t go wrong with a denim vest and a cropped one seems to be consistently in style. The denim vest trend that is new on the scene and that we are REALLY feeling is the oversized denim vest. Almost as if you stole you’re boyfriends jacket, cut off the sleeves and gained some street cred, the oversized denim vest can be worn with ANYTHING.

Our favorite? Over dresses, body con or baggy. It always seems to add a little UMPH to your outfit and adds a little depth by layering it. Another DIY favorite, a denim vest can be made from an oversized denim jacket by simply removing the sleeves (make sure it’s not TOO big for you). Another fun thing about an oversized denim vest is adding extras to it such as patches, studs, distressing and more. Think of your denim vest as a blank canvas for you to express your style through. Happy vesting!