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Styling 3 New DL1961 Jeans

DL1961, a brand we love here at DenimBlog, has released 3 new key styles for the season. They have the Hazel moto jeans in Ducati above, the Emma leggings in Pandora below and finally the Riley boyfriend jeans in Savage. Each are very unique and different, so I styled them in 3 very different ways.

For the Hazel moto jeans above, I love the idea of mixing a tougher jean with some feminine pieces, which is why I went with a cream shirt and heels. I like the fact that the shirt is made that little bit more masculine with the leather accents. To tie things together, I added some gold jewellery, just to feminize it and then added a splash of color with the red bag. Finally, the glasses just add that little touch of glamour to the outfit.

The Emma leggings in Pandora are definitely a more classic jean. They have a dark wash in a textured velvet pinstripe combined with a skinny fit that’s comfortable. These can be styled in endless ways, however I chose to go girly and edgy with a burgundy leather jacket over a simple white tank top. Burgundy and dark blue always go well together! I added the black heels and ring to glam it up, but used a cream snood to bring it down a notch. I really like this outfit and would wear it myself!

Finally, for the Riley boyfriend jeans in Savage, I didn’t want to dress them down. Boyfriend jeans are worn casual about 90% of the time, so I wanted to dress them up and go with a different vibe. I added a white structured blazer with some taupe ankle boots, just to give it a bit of a feminine, yet tough feel. I chose a cream cross body bag and sunglasses, again to add to that casual feel, but then used some silver rings and a watch to contrast that. Which look do you like the most?

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Written by Lorna Burford