New Brand: Lawless Denim

Lawless Denim & Co. is a newer denim brand on the market, looking to expand their concept. They are moving their headquarters to Los Angeles, California in the garment district and are the first denim manufacturer run on 100 year old vintage shuttle looms producing chambray, duck canvas & selvedge denim, becoming the only manufacturer of selvedge denim west of the Mississippi River. Their jeans are built to fit any body type and they start at under $100. The cool thing about Lawless Denim is that their jeans are made on 3,500-pound machines dating back to World War II.

The philosophy behind the brand is to put Americans to work by continuing the tradition by sourcing materials within the US, supporting their local and national economy and providing jobs to Americans. Roman, the CEO of Lawless Denim has had quite a journey to get where he is today and you can read a bit about him below. Definitely check out this new brand on their website!

Roman’s story is one of struggle turned, perseverance and drive. He is an entrepreneur. The oldest of four children raised in small town USA by his grandmother and mother in an all Latino family, Roman knows what it means to work hard since the age of 14. It was at that time he got his first job in the restaurant industry. From dishwasher to a 4-time award winning sommelier as an adult, Roman won several prestigious awards along the way. It was at age 33 after working for years for other people, when Roman had a hunger to start his own business. One day at home his computer broke and he learned to fix it. This excited him and RA Digital was born later turning into a multimillion-dollar company. But, then something struck him during the recession. It was one thing to create a successful company but it was another thing to create a business that would give people jobs. Not just one or two jobs but hundreds of jobs. Feeling manufacturing was gone in the U.S, Roman wanted to make a change by creating a product that was beautifully made but nostalgic.