Denim Brands

New Brand: Mastercraft Union

Matercraft Union is a brand that was recently brought to my attention. The brand has taken focus on what denim truly is and created pieces that hold the heritage of the textile, while still being innovative with a modern approach. You can read all about the brand’s details, fabrics and their innovation below, then head over to MATCHES to get a pair for yourself and check out their site here.

“Unique stretch Denim is developed for increased comfort, the first Japanese denim collection to utilise stretch denim into its handcrafted jeans due to the brand’s slimmer, more contemporary fit.

MCU paper Denim is constructed of exclusive fabric, using traditionally milled Japanese paper within the weave of the denim. This aides comfort, breathability & 3D shape retention plus a shorter wear-in time than standard jeans.

The MCU branding reflects the overall unique modernist approach: Italian bonded seam-seal tape replaces the traditional leather patch and matte black enamelling over copper metalware.

MCU use only rope-dyed yarn in its exclusive Okayama selvedge fabrics giving denim the natural highs and lows in colour after long-term wear. Roping is used through the belt loops and back pockets, a method traditionally developed for strength, but also aiding a contrasted, authentic-looking finish.

In construction, MCU finishes its jean with felled seam, a premium heritage technique providing added strength and comfort for the wearer.”