Denim Events

Siwy at Coachella

Coachella was a whirlwind as usual. It ended just as fast as it happened and I’m already having withdraws. Friday started off by checking into the house I rented, which was a first for me and definitely a MUST from here on out. We stayed in a gorgeous mid-century modern home equipped with a pool in case any of the parties didn’t pan out.

After getting settled and ready, I headed to the Siwy Denim fashion show at the Pandora Jewelry Experience located at The Parker Hotel. The Pandora Jewelry experience was a weekend long event at The Parker with different vendors and fashion shows along with open bar and some fun little gifts along the way.

As I mentioned above, Friday was Siwy Denim’s big runway show and I had front row seats to get the coverage. Before I went into the show, I visited all the booths that were outside of the runway tent. One was a Minnie Mouse booth with Minnie Mouse nail art and a little photobooth action. The Tink Booth has flash tattoos on deck along with their clothing displayed and the Hawaiian Tropics booth had complimentary yoga and sunscreen which, let’s face it, are both a necessity during Coachella.

After grabbing a drink and hopping around the outside booths, we took our seats and were ready for the show. Siwy collaborated with Montanka for a boho/desert vibe that carried throughout the show.

Siwy spiced up some of their denim pieces by putting them on the models backwards, which I thought was a fun twist that looked surprisingly cute. They also had cut out shoulders, ponchos, ripped denim and a cut-out type poncho made with denim as well.

Denim pieces are pretty straight forward so I liked that Siwy played around with ways to wear them and had their general theme in mind for each of them. The models had long, teased hair that wasn’t too out of control but had just enough texture to add to the look. They topped the look with drool-worthy hats and minimal heels that complimented the collection.

It was quite a large collection that had me engaged the entire time. The show was a fun element to the Coachella events and brought some great fashion to the weekend. Thanks to Pandora Jewelry and Siwy for having me!