Best Mens Chinos [August 2020]

Our favorites and a little about what makes each special…


Best Mens Chinos Slim Fit Stretch

Best Mens Chinos Slim Fit Stretch

Chinos Slim Fit Stretch

Best Mens Chinos Slim Fit Stretch

These 98% chinos with 2% spandex are a great fit and comfort. They are available in many sizes and guaranteed to last.


Best Mens Chinos Cheap Slim Fit Stretch

Best Mens Chinos Cheap Slim Fit Stretch

Slim Fit Stretch Chinos

Gap Slim Fit Stretch Chinos

These slim fit stretch chinos with Gapflex technology are available in all the latest colors, and sure to fit every lifestyle. Easy to care for and machine washable, they are a great addition to any wardrobe.


Best Mens Skinny Chinos

Best Mens Skinny Chinos

Skinny Chinos

Everlane Skinny Chinos

Quality made, comfortable chinos that are breathable, quality made, and good for any occasion. Guaranteed to hold up and be comfortable during your active lifestyle, you will fall in love with the design.

where should chinos break?

It should hit the same place on your waist as jeans. Lower than a pair of suit pants.

Whats the difference between chinos and khakis?

Chinos are made of a lightweight 100% cotton in a tighter weave. Khakis are made of 100% heavyweight cotton twill fabric. Chinos are cut slimmer with a close fit than Khakis.

Are chinos in style?

Chinos are a popular style of trousers that have their origin in American military apparel. They are appealing because they are dressier than regular jeans and less formal than actual dress pants. It is easy for them to be dressed up or down.

are chino pants formal?

The chino design per se is not formal. There is however a “formal” design that is available, and those are designed to look like more like dress trousers. They are also made of cotton twill as opposed to the wool.

what kind of mens outerwear goes best with chinos

Wear a casual military style or Harrington jacket

what are chinos?

Chinos were made popular by American military origin. Chinos are the product of those military trousers.They are less formal than dress pants and more dressy than a casual jean.