Best Slim Fit Dress Pants

how slim should dress pants be?

They should not be extremely loose, but you should be able to pinch about an inch of material through the legs, and the pants should be able to be held up with no belt.

what are fitted pants?

Fitted pants are pretty self explanatory. These are pants that are made to accentuate your form, but not so tight that it looks tacky. They are made with elastic type material and are stretchy as well as more durable fabric.

how should men’s dress pants fit?

They should fit comfortably. At the waist they need to sit right at top of hip bone. They need to be able to stay held up with no belt needed to help them up. Through the buttocks and crotch area, they should be fitted well, but not too tight. The legs should not be very tight but not able to grasp more than an inch of of material.

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