Celebrities in Denim

Ashley Tisdale in Dylan George

Ashley Tisdale and her still rumoured new boyfriend, Martin Johnson (from Boys Like Girls), were seen heading out to lunch in Studio City, California yesterday. Even though it’s not been announced that they are together, I think it’s pretty obvious from the many photos of them holding hands and things. I think they suit each other!

Ashley wore a pair of jeans that I have been wanting her to wear again for ages! Her Dylan George Lucy jeans in Czar wash! It’s nice to see these old favourites out and about again! Even after all this time, they are still actually one of my go to pairs. Ashley has worn hers so much though that she’s blown out almost all of the rips. Mine are not quite in that condition yet, but I’m always very delicate with my jeans when I wear them. I wonder if she might wear some of her old Siwy jeans again?

Images courtesy of Wenn.com