Celebrities in Denim

Can You Guess Who This Is In Black Orchid?

Can you guess who this is in a pair of Black Orchid jeans?

It’s Ellen Pompeo!

She really loves her Black Orchid jeans! She’s been seen wearing these jewel skinny jeans in Snow White, quite a few times. She also owns a lot of other pairs of Black Orchid’s. But I certainly know, that when you find something that fits well, buy it in every color!

These certainly fit her really well! She looks like she’s kept on some of her baby weight, which is a good thing because she was looking super thin there for a while. This outfit is super casual, which is great. Although I’ve been liking clogs more, I don’t really think that I like the way they look here. What do you think? Are you on board with the clog trend? Buy Black Orchid jeans at Boutique To You.