Celebrities in Denim

Celebs in Denim: Kylie Minogue in Diesel Matic

kylie minogue diesel matic 81m dance studio

The beautiful, Australian born, Kylie Minogue was seen arriving at a dance studio in south west London. I was really shocked when I saw these pictures because she is wearing the famous Diesel Matic 81M jeans. These jeans are my favourite jeans ever and are from about 2006 so you can’t buy these jeans online anymore, they do pop up on Ebay occasionally so grab them whilst you can! Get them authenticated first though, I am happy to help with that if you want to give me an email. Kylie looks fantastic in them, I wonder what other older jeans she is hiding in her amazing closet? I definitely recommend these jeans as a perfect skinny jean, they have 4% stretch, the wash is amazingly gorgeous and they are so flattering on the butt. I wish they still made the matic cut as perfect as this one!

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net