Celebrities in Denim

Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron in G-Star Raw

zac efron raw

Zac Efron attended the NYLON Guys November issue launch event at XIV in West Hollywood. He was wearing his G-Star raw jeans for the event. Zac spoke to WWD at the launch about his favourite pair of jeans and said

“They’re my favorite jeans (G-Star raw). I wore them all throughout High School Musical 3. I even wore them hiking. You have to wear them everywhere to get them right.”

It’s great to know Zac loves his denim as much as we do! I love breaking in my raw denim. I haven’t ever seen him in his G-Star jeans though? I would love to interview him about his denim, I’m sure it would be really interesting. His G-Star raw jeans are looking pretty nice now, I’m loving that fading on the lap. I honestly thought Diesel Thanaz jeans would be his favourite, it does surprise me that he chose raw denim, it just proves he’s a denim enthusiast like we are! He has raw Nudie jeans too.

zac efron raw g star