Celebrities in Denim

Channing Tatum covers Details in D&G and Diesel

Channing Tatum is on February’s issue of Details magazine. He was wearing a denim shirt by D&D and jeans by Diesel for the shoot. He looks pretty good in the shots, I like them. During the interview he talks about his life and acting and other things in between. I included some bits from his interview.

Tatum was pretend-soldiering one raw, wet October day in the Scottish Highlands. The action required him to wade in ice-cold water, which, despite a high-tech wetsuit, could be withstood for only a few minutes. “The only way to keep warm was by pouring a mix of boiling water and river water down your suit. We were finally done shooting for the day, and one of the crew guys asks if I want to warm up before I go. I’m like, Nah, I’m good. And then I thought, Why not? Thing is, he’d forgotten to dilute the kettle water. So he poured scalding water down my suit. And I was trying to pull the suit away from my body to somehow get away from the boiling water, and the more I pulled the suit away, the lower the water went. It just went straight down and pretty much burned the skin off the head of my d**k.”

“I was not good in school,” Tatum says. “I could never read very fast or very well. I got tested for learning disabilities, for dyslexia. Then I got put on Ritalin and Dexedrine. I took those starting in the eighth grade.” The pills worked, too, for a while. “As soon as they pumped that drug into me, it would focus me right in,” he exclaims. “I was doing great. I was getting A’s, doing extra-credit work!” He laughs, then asks if I need another beer. “But the longer I took the Dexedrine,” he continues, “the worse I felt. It sucked all the personality from me. I’d get depressed. I would think suicidalÔÇöI was never personally suicidal, but I could see how some kids were, how they’d be, like, I can’t take this anymore. Finally, my senior year, I said, ‘That’s it. I am done with these.'”

You can read the rest of the interview and view more images at Details by clicking here.