Denimblog’s Top Ten Denim Divas of 2009

Here is the countdown! We scored these top ten denim divas by two things: how often they wore denim by our blog history added to the variety of brands they wore. Without further ado…

#10. Audrina Patridge (score 30) Now seriously, did you ever get sick of hearing us say “Audrina Patridge in Divine Rights of Denim”? I might have gotten sick of saying it, but she did rock the jeans very well and did a bang up job of representing DRD, they certainly got their money’s worth!


#9. Heidi Montag (score 30) We gave Heidi the #9 spot instead of having her tie with Audrina because she wore a larger variety of brands than Audrina. Heidi wore a great selection of denim this past year and we salute her for the effort! With her media grabbing Speidi skills maybe she can climb our Denim Diva poll for next year!


#8. Megan Fox (score 31) Though she took the #1 spot for the “Sexiest and Worst” Actress of 2009 she landed as #8 in our rankings. Megan is sexy as hell but she needs to heat up some more denim for us!


#7. Ciara (score 32) Ciara seriously rocks! And by that I don’t just mean the stage or her music, she can really rock in denim! She has, in my opinion, one of the hottest bodies out there. I’ve enjoyed seeing her denim style through out this year.


#5/6(Tie). Jennifer Garner (score 34) Jennifer Garner has been spotted many times being her casual and busy Mommy self in jeans. Though she wears a few different brands, she seems to favor 7 For All Mankind and I personally 100% agree with her for comfort and fit of 7 For All Mankind jeans.

#5/6(Tie). Vanessa Hudgens (score 34) Ahhh wasn’t she just yesterday a Disney princess? Okay so maybe not an actual Disney princess, but she has certainly grown up. It seems like she has went from “cute” to “beautiful” in the year 2009!


#4. Rihanna (score 36) You know I really see Rihanna as more of a “Fashion Forward” icon. She hasn’t been spotted in many of the mainstream denim brands and really doesn’t seem to wear denim all that often unless it makes a fashion statement, but Kudos to Rihanna for taking Denim to the next level in many of her outfits.


#3. Jessica Alba (score 49) I am very glad that Jessica is in the top three. I love her outfits and style; she is a busy Mom but she knows how to put a little extra flair into her everyday casual ensemble to keep it fashionable and current.


#2. Lindsay Lohan (score 59) When I first started this blog post I really thought Lilo would be the #1 since we have seen her in just about every denim brand possible. She was blogged in over 20 denim brands and owns at least 3 pairs of Balmain jeans that we know of. Her score just didn’t hit the high as she wasn’t blogged by us as many times as the #1 spot, though she has been spotted in many more brands, even as the media pounds into Lilo and she keeps having troubles, I adore her fashion sense and her die hard love of denim!


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#1. Ashley Tisdale (score 62) I bet some of you are as surprised about this as I was, but I tallied it up and did the scores and Ashley has certainly earned her #1 spot with a score of 62! She was blogged 50 times by us in the last year and also wore over 12 different brands of denim. She was seen wearing all of the trends, studded denim, tie dye, acid wash, customized jeans with paint splatters, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shorts, denim jackets and studded vests, ripped jeans, ankle zippers, skinnys, bootcuts, coloured denim and more. I can’t wait to see what all our celebs and denim divas have in store for us for 2010!

ashley-tisdale no.1