Celebrities in Denim

DenimBlog’s Top Ten Denim Divas of 2010

First let’s revisit the 2009 DenimBlog Top Ten Diva’s here. We are doing the same scoring system as we did last year: counting how many blog posts each celeb had and adding how many times they wore different brands so you can compare the scores from this year to last year as well!

The 2009 list was as follows:

1) Ashley Tisdale score 62

2) Lindsay Lohan score 59

3) Jessica Alba score 49

4) Rihanna score 36

5) Vanessa Hudgens score 34

6) Jennifer Garner score 34

7) Ciara score 32

8′) Megan Fox score 31

9) Heidi Montag score 30

10) Audrina Patridge score 30

This year’s list starts off at…

#10) with Ashlee Simpson score 46

Ashlee’s style is so retro-ish and almost hippie sometimes. From her high-waisted jeans all the way to showing off her long gams in short-shorts, I really adore how far she has came in our denim world! I hope she broadens her denim collection with some more brands in 2011.

#9) Lindsay Lohan score 51

Lindsay’s score is only slightly lower than last year’s but she has dropped from #2 to #9 on our list. She was just simply not out and about shopping so much this past year, probably due to her personal issues. We hope she gets those issues sorted and that she can get back to topping our list with her great choice in denim because I certainly miss all that Balmain!

#8) Vanessa Hudgens score 54

Vanessa was #5 on our list last year and I’m sure glad she is back on our list this year. She has such a great sense of style and she wears a lot of different up and coming brands as well. She is quite simply just lovely!

#7) Hilary Duff score 56

Honestly I was surprised that Hilary even made our list at all! She was blogged 37 times wearing 19 different brands!! Hilary is certainly one to start watching in 2011.

#6) Jennifer Garner score 59

Jennifer hits #6 on our list AGAIN this year. You all know how much I adore Jen as I think she is a great mother with a casual sense of denim style. She is on the go a lot so we get to blog her more than a few other celebs; she was actually spotted in 12 different brands this year too.

#5) Kim Kardashian score 72

I’m sure most of you would have guessed Kim was going to be on this list! Kim is certainly a rising star in the celeb world and her denim choices put her as a rising star on our blog. If we went to a top 20 list, I would bet both her sisters would be on there too. I love Kim’s unique style and her beautiful curvy body. I wish the paps would get some more shots of her backside in jeans though!

#4) Miley Cyrus score 76

Little Miley…well not so little anymore, she has certainly grown over the last year. She wasn’t even on our list last year! Miley was blogged in 20 different brands so she has really widened her denim scope rather quickly as well. She has had some rather risque choices of outfits but it’s great to see her try out some different things and learn along the way.

#3) Ashley Tisdale score 81

Last year’s denim diva is still close to the top of our list, though she is #3 this year. Ashley is Lorna’s favorite celeb in denim and I can see why. Ashley’s style very much suits her age group and she is always one for fashion sense.

#2) Jessica Alba score 88

Jessica is my personal favorite denim diva for this year, though she is the runner-up. Jessica’s great ensembles always have me clamoring for more. Jessica wore the most different brands of any of our celebs; it makes me think she doesn’t do any laundry, she just buys all new clothes! I’m not complaining, I’m just jealous! Even though we have spotted Jessica in 24 different brands this year, she still is missing a few key brands that I would love to see her in. Diesel and True Religion. Maybe in 2011?

#1) Rachel Bilson score 91

Rachel was blogged 73 times in 18 different brands, so she becomes the 2010 DenimBlog Denim Diva! Rachel really has fairly simple, elegant style and she really feels like the girl next door who has great fashion sense. It’s hard to believe that she never was even on our list last year but now she is #1 this year! Congrats to Rachel!