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Denimblog’s Top Ten Denim Guys of 2010

Time has sure flown by and just to recap from one year ago, click here for the DenimBlog’s Top 3 Denim Guys of 2009. Thanks to all you wonderful readers, DenimBlog has grown so much in the last year, we can include 10 Denim Guys instead of just 3! We are doing the same scoring system as we did last year: counting how many blog posts each celeb had and adding how many times they wore different brands so you can compare the scores from this year to last year as well! Just by looking at the scores you can also see how many more blogs we have completed compared to last year.

The 2009 list was as follows:

1) Zac Efron score 41

2) Taylor Lautner score 13

3) David Beckham score 9

This year’s list starts off at…

#10) Cash Warren score 9

Considering I could not find a picture of Cash without Jessica Alba who is also on our DenimBlog’s Top Ten Denim Diva’s of 2010 list, well you know he belonged somewhere on our guy’s list then. Even if he dresses himself, I’m sure Jessica has a big hand in his wardrobe as most good wives do have a hand in their husband’s attire. Looking good Cash!

#8/9) Kellan Lutz score 13

With Vampires being so big in 2010 you know we had to have our own on our list as well! Kellan is one hot hunky vampire and given that he used to be a CK model; he knows how to pick his clothing.

#8/9) Taylor Lautner score 13

Werewolves represent! Taylor and Kellan were actually tied, but Taylor was blogged more often than Kellan. Taylor has certainly come into his own in the last year and I look forward to seeing more of him in 2011. Taylor’s score was actually the same as last year when he was in the #3 spot, but he had much more competition this past year.

#5/6/7) Channing Tatum score 15

We have a three-way-tie for spots 5/6/7 and Channing Tatum is one of these great looking guys in this spot. I like the fact that Channing is secure enough to wear a pair of AG or PRVCY jeans because not too many guys wear these brands because of the back pockets. He’s been caught in 5 different brands compared to the other two people he is tied with were only caught in 3.

#5/6/7) Justin Timberlake score 15

So I admit, I’m not a huge fan of Justin’s style, but he does know his denim! The William Rast brand has done very well in 2010 and I look forward to seeing more from Justin/William Rast in 2011!

#5/6/7) David Beckham score 15

David…oh how I love thee, let me count thy ways…face: check, hair: check, body: double check, hot denim: check, loyal family guy: check, wife owns denim line: check. This guy seems to have it all and great style to boot!

#4) Justin Bieber score 20

Is this kid a rep for G-Star or something? Justin and his bright shoes, bright hoodies, bright hats and a staple pair of G-Star jeans have created his own trend in 2010. Okay maybe not, but Justin is holding his own in spot #4.

#3) Gavin Rossdale score 20

I’ve always liked Gavin’s sense of style but never was all that attracted to him until I saw a photo of him playing tennis with his shirt off. Wow…click here for an example. Okay now you see what I mean, anyway, I LOVE how he has really brought the brand “Hysteric Glamour” to our full attention. He’s been blogged in 6 different brands as well.

#2) Joe Jonas score 22

Joe loves himself some denim! He was spotted in 7 different brands and hits our list for the first time as the runner up. Congrats Joe!

#1) Zac Efron score 32

He was at it again this past year, so he is DenimBlog’s Top Denim Guy twice in a row! Zac hit up 9 different denim brands and was blogged 23 times. His title certainly seems fitting since he has worn most of the popular brands for men, APC, Nudie, J brand and Diesel as well as Levi’s and Balmain. YAY Zac! We’ll be sure to watch you closely in 2011!