Celebrities in Denim

Elle MacPherson in MET Angel Eco Pelle Jeans

Elle Macpherson braved the snow after dropping her children off at school in London, England last week. I originally thought these pants on Elle were her MET Leather jeans that she has been wearing quite a lot recently but after close inspection they are not. These have a button fly instead of a zip fly and they also have no stitching around the knee area. Isabel has pointed out they are MET Jeans but they are the Angel Eco Pelle style instead of the Becky which we have caught her wearing before. I’m loving the Angel more than the Becky!

I am unsure what pants these are on Elle but she looks amazing in them! Even her outfits for snowy weather are stylish. Elle really knows how to dress and look amazing in what she wears. But then, when you have a supermodel body and legs as long as hers, how can you not look good in anything? She’s gorgeous!

Images courtesy of Wenn.com