Celebrities in Denim

Emmanuelle Alt in J Brand

Emmanuelle Alt was spotted making her way to the Calvin Klein show during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Taking a liking to the brand, like many editors, Emmanuelle chose a pair of J Brands for the show. This time she chose a pair of the Lovestory in Ink. These jeans are so classic and it’s a nice change to see her in another style and wash besides skinny and black.

Emmanuelle has said that she loves simpler jeans and thinks that they should not be designed. This explains why she hasn’t worn any of the styles by the houses that she consults for. Also, Emmanuelle recently stepped down from her consulting role at Balmain. She will be replaced by Melanie Ward from Helmut Lang. I’m interested in seeing how the fashion house will change. Both houses love super skinny jeans, but Balmain is more on the gritty side than Helmut Lang. You can click here to purchase these jeans at Singer22 for $178.