Celebrities in Denim

Your Favourite Celeb Outfit Of 2011!

So it has reached that time where we take the winning outfits from each of our favourite celeb outfit posts (from 2011), pile them together and give you the big vote! Since picking one is always really hard, we are giving you the option to choose 2 of your favourite outfits for the girls and 1 of your favourite outfits for the guys! So 3 votes in total. Then once the voting is finished next week (11th January), we will announce who the top 3 outfits belong to!

So here are all of the outfits in the gallery below, again, please vote for your absolute favourite! Favourite based on the entire outfit, not just the jeans! The gallery is in alphabetical order based on the celeb names, but the guys are at the bottom. So remember, 3 votes only, 2 for the girls and 1 for the guys! There are some duplicate celebs as well, this is because the voting was either tied on 2 images or because we had to split the original voting posts into 2 due to the volume of outfits. Also, I’m not including a main image above because I want the voting to be fair. Just like before, if you hover your mouse over the images in the gallery, you can see the number assigned to the image to vote with.

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