Celebrities in Denim

Hayden Panettiere in J Brand

Leaving LA hot spot, BOA Steakhouse, Hayden Panettiere looked to be in a good mood. Hayden has a couple of upcoming projects, Scream 4 and The Amanda Knox Story. The Amanda Knox Story has received scrutiny from both the victim’s family as well as Amanda’s Family. I’m honestly surprised that the movie is being made so shortly after the incident, especially considering that Amanda’s trial is on appeal. Are you considering watching the film?

I think that Hayden looks surprisingly chic here! A few months ago, she cut her hair very short and I like the way it’s growing out. I think it complements her outfit really well. She paired a simple white tee and leather jacket with her J Brand skinny jeans and pumps. You can buy J Brand jeans at Singer22.com.