Celebrities in Denim

Kate Moss in O*T*R

These are pretty old, but I just found a good butt shot to confirm the brand that she is wearing. Kate Moss was spotted outside her hotel in London wearing a pair of O*T*R Essential Skinny Jeans in Rainy Days. Kate paired the jeans with her staple brand, Balmain. She chose a leather jacket and a pair of boots from the french fashion house. It looks like Kate was doing some self-promotion here as well. Her tote looks like it has a picture of her Kate Moss Vintage Perfume before switching it to her patchwork Longchamp bag.

I think this is great publicity for the relatively new brand. Kate is one of the few celebrities that whatever she touches turns to gold. Kate loved Anlo so I’m sure these are also one of her favorites. Click here to purchase these jeans at RevolveClothing for $123.