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Keanu Reeves Jeans – Get His Boho Style

Keanu Reeves Jeans

Keanu Reeves in Jeans on a Motorcycle

Keanu Reeves is a denim hero because he has worn the same style of relaxed fit PRPS Jeans since 2009. I’d bet they’re not the same pair — he probably gets them custom from PRPS directly — but we love his minimal approach to style.

Beyond the PRPS Jeans, Keanu usually keeps it casual cool and has been seen many times in a blazer, tee-shirt, and desert boot combo that feels just bohemian enough for someone as rad as Neo.

Below are some alternatives to PRPS that have the same feel as Keanu’s jeans…but lack the $600 price tag.

Get Keanu’s Look with These Jeans

Slim-Fit Selvedge

Slim-Fit Selvedge THE WORKERS CLUB $480.00

Slim-Fit Jeans

Slim-Fit Jeans RRL $240.00

Regular Slim-Fit

Regular Slim-Fit FABRIC BRAND $550.00

Selvedge Slim-Fit

Selvedge Slim-Fit FABRIC BRAND $625.00

Tellis Jeans

Tellis Jeans AG $235.00