Celebrities in Denim

Kellan Lutz in Diesel

Kellan Lutz was spotted hugging a blonde female in Los Angeles after a long lunch date at Panera Bread. Kellan was wearing Diesel jeans and it always makes me wonder why people act like they don’t want to be pictured together, like Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger, we know they are a couple so why hide it so much? Even if you aren’t a couple, you just create more speculation with trying to hide…

Sure, Kellan and AnnaLynne are over now, so why does Kellan act like he’s doing the walk of shame here? Really, look at the other pics and tell me if Kellan isn’t acting a little like he’s hiding something with this girl? Like he’s over there with his coffee cup whistling a tune all innocent-like? Ha ha. I’m sure he’s having fun being single, especially since he’s one of the most desirable men in Hollywood!