Balmain Celebrities in Denim

Kim Kardashian in Balmain Denim Jacket

So when I first seen these pictures I honestly thought Kim was wearing a knock-off and as I proceeded to look for a similiar jacket to this holy grail of denim jackets, I realized in one of Kim‘s other pictures that her jacket did indeed have the side buckles and zippers like the authentic Balmain. Sure enough Kim is wearing the real deal here!! The $4400 Balmain Faded Moto Denim Jacket. DROOL!!! Now I wonder if her shirt is Balmain too? Would she really pay $1625 for this ripped up T-shirt?? Either way I LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit!! You know I am a HUGE fan of Balmain and who couldn’t be??!! Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers Western Conference Finals game in this gorgeous outfit. You can buy this jacket at Net-A-Porter.