Blank Celebrities in Denim

UPDATED! Kim Kardashian in Current/Elliott & Blank Denim

The unidentified cargos on the Kardashian’s have been ID’d as Blank Denim Cargos which you can buy here at Shopbop. Thank you to our writer Jonathan for IDing them!

So how strange is this? Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a friendโ€™s house in a swanky Beverly Hills neighborhood wearing Current/Elliott The Skinny Cargo pants then also wearing another pair of unidentified cargos the same exact day with the same shoes?! Khloe has also been spotted in these other unidentified skinny cargos as well! I wonder why she changed like that? I mean I do admit I like the Current/Elliott cargos better, but I find it just strange to wear such a similar outfit in the same day… You can buy these Current/Elliott Cargos here at Singer22.